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Ahead of ’s return, Maggie Rhee star Lauren Cohan has opened up about her exit from the series.

Lauren has starred as Maggie since the character was introduced in season two in 2011 but is preparing to make a departure.

The actress has appeared to confirm her character will not be killed off as she noted her exit will be “open-ended”.

However, she insisted that just because she isn’t going to die, it doesn’t mean she will definitely return in the future.

Speaking about her exit, she said: “I had a lot of time to think about it before I came back to Walking Dead this season.

“And what the show means to me, what my family there means to me, what my time there has meant, and how this role has impacted my life which is immeasurable."

Lauren went on to add that her character Maggie and her storyline will always be a part of her life.

“It feels like the greatest way to honour it is to keep it open-ended because whether it’s about me going back as Maggie or whether it’s about me just taking in, absorbing, and honouring everything I’ve learned there,” she told Game Spot.

“It never leaves me. It will never, ever leave me.”

She continued: “And that is I think the greatest compliment you can give to anything and to any group of people because we all came together to make something that we didn’t know was going to have this success that it did.”

It comes after either.

Throughout the show, the letter A has been visible. First it popped up on the train Rick and the survivors were packed into to get to Terminus.

Jessie Anderson (Alexandra Breckenridge) then stamped the survivors hands with the letter A when they arrived in Alexandria.

The letter made another appearance when Daryl Dixon (Norman Reedus) was locked up at the Sanctuary by villain Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) and he wore a sweater with A on it.

It also made a number of appearances throughout season eight, including when Rick was locked in a container at the rubbish heap.

It’s not known exactly why the letter A is significant but many have pointed out it appears on the side of a helicopter in the season nine trailer.

The letter is hard to miss and can also be seen in the promo photo for the upcoming series.

Rumours suggest Rick will work out where the helicopters are coming from and why the letter is so important. Could he leave the show as he starts a new mission?

Furthermore, actor Andrew recently teased that Rick won’t be going very far during a chat at San Diego Comic Con.

He noted: “My relationship with Mr. Grimes is far from over.”

The Walking Dead season nine will air later this year.

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