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Denise Welch weight loss: Loose Women star loses TWO stone – CBT trick

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Denise Welch, 60, showcased her incredible weight loss today on Lorraine.

The Loose Women panellist, formerly known for her roles on Coronation Street and Waterloo Road, has showed off her new body in recent bikini pictures on her Instagram account.

In June this year, Denise revealed on her Instagram that she had lost a total of two stone.

But how did she do it? Denise, an ambassador for LighterLife, has opened up about her weight loss journey.

Revealing more about her weight loss, Denise said on Lorraine: “I’m a size 12 and at 60 I feel better than I ever have before.”

Writing on Instagram earlier this year, she confessed to having swapped an “alcohol addiction with a food addiction”.

Posting a before and after image, she wrote: “5 yrs ago, after giving up alcohol, I turned to food and gained over 2 stone. (sic)

“I wanted to lose weight and keep it off as I was in danger of replacing an alcohol addiction with a food addiction.”

Her weight loss was aided by cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) which helped her to beat her sugar cravings after giving up alcohol.

"Until I gave up drinking, I never really had a weight problem. I’d certainly never had a sweet tooth,” she told Broccoli & Brains magazine.

"I could take or leave a dessert. But once I stopped drinking, I started getting massive sugar cravings and the weight started going on."

She signed up for a weight loss group which involved CBT sessions.

"I initially found myself reluctant to go to the group,” she said.

“While in my job I am generally a bit of a show-off, I am quite shy in that private sort of situation.”

Another example of a Loose Women star losing weight is Lisa Riley’s weight loss.

Lisa Riley, 41, was once a size 28 but has now slimmed down after losing 12 stone in just 18 months.

Speaking on Lorraine recently, she revealed the method she used to shed weight. And it wasn’t a quick fix that saw her shed the pounds, but instead “changing her lifestyle”.

She also shared the one exercise she owes her new body to - zumba.

She also revealed her daily diet, having hot water and lemon with porridge and honey for breakfast, and butternut squash with coriander soup and oatcakes for lunch.

For dinner she has garlic and chilli cod with roasted spinach and cauliflower, a far cry from her original diet, which saw the British star eating four slices of white toast, Coco Pops with full-fat milk and coffee with sugar.

As well as overhauling her diet, Lisa has had excess skin removed. The actress underwent a tummy tuck, surgery to remove the loose skin for her thighs, a boob lift and the removal of her “bingo wings”.

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