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Casualty spoilers: Iain Dean’s fate already confirmed in preview clip? | TV & Radio | Showbiz & TV

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At least one person will die in the fatal explosion following the horrific vehicle crash and fans are naturally anxious about who it will be.

There are fears that Iain (played by Michael Stevenson) will be the one to meet a tragic end, and the BBC have just dropped a huge hint about what will happen to him.

A preview clip posted to the show’s official Twitter account has potentially made a big reveal.

In the footage, Iain can be seen talking with a fire officer about the crash scene.

The video is captioned: “Iain’s mistake with a patient has serious consequences, putting many lives in danger. Tune in TONIGHT 9.10pm on @BBCOne! #Casualty3006.”

The officer warns: “If that thing catches fire we’ve got 15 minutes until…kaboom.

“That a technical term is it?” the paramedic questions.

She explains: “Boiling liquid expanding vapour expansion. That tanker contains butane.

“The container’s already been compromised, we add fire to the mix then that liquid is going to expand into gas. Fast.

“I see so much as a spark around that thing, I want everyone out.”

It is already known Iain will recognise one of the bodies lying in the road and comes to the realisation the accident was partly his fault.

But it looks as though Iain is set to put another foot wrong in the devastating scenes.

So could Iain’s mistake cost his own life, or someone else’s?

Viewers will have to tune in tonight to see the action and find out.

Fans have already been guessing who will meet their end, and some think Iain could be the one to go.

“Deffo think it'll be Iain or Sam that dies in Saturday's episode #Casualty,” one wrote.

Another speculated: “So it’s the big one tonight in #Casualty - who do you think dies out of the main characters (assuming somebody will!) - I reckon it’s going to be Iain @mikeTstevenson & if it is I will be heartbroken.”

“Wow. Just caught up with #Casualty Can’t let Iain die like the way Jeff did,” a third added.

Last month the soap teased this would be one of the “biggest episodes yet”.

The show tweeted: “A New Era of #Casualty is coming…On Saturday 11th August, we will be premiering one of our biggest episodes yet!

“The paramedic crew of Holby ED face their darkest day…”

Casualty continues tonight at 9.10pm on BBC One.

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