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Carol Vorderman Countdown star giggles over Myleene Klass shower confession | Celebrity News | Showbiz & TV

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Klass, 40, on the phone during her Sunday morning programme and it wasn’t long before she brought up an embarrassing story.

Rear of the Year winner Carol Vorderman introduced her celebrity friend by naming the many roles she fulfils, including popstar, mother and TV presenter.

“We’ve got one more thing to add to the list: builder shocker,” she announced, prompting: “Please do explain.

“When you tweeted earlier this week, ‘I’ve just stepped out of the shower straight into the builder…’” the Countdown favourite said, tailing off before adding: “How did that happen?!”

“I wrote it and I just thought, this sounds like a Carry On movie, but it was the genuine truth,” Myleene laughed. 

“I was in the shower and my daughter came running in asking for dry shampoo and getting in a right old fuss. So I said, I know what I’ll do, I know where it is, it’s in the other bathroom.

“So I ran out to go and grab it, not knowing that my boyfriend had let the builder in to the house,” she recalled. “We basically, in front of my daughter, ran straight into each other. I was absolutely mortified.”

As Carol giggled hysterically, the mother-of-two continued: “And then my daughter turned round to me, bearing in mind it was her idea to get the dry shampoo, she turned round and said, ‘You need to apologise to him because I think you’ve scarred him.’”

“Probably made his day,” Carol tittered.

Myleene went on to reveal lucky builder in question had even got in touch after she posted on Twitter, telling her he’s a “hero down at the pub”.

“I really have to go into detail on this,” Carol insisted. “Did you sort of back out gently? What what did you do?”

“According to my daughter, in her words: ‘You covered the wrong things,’” Myleene quipped, sounding amused. “It just gets worse, doesn’t it.

“It really does sound like a Carry On movie. This doesn’t happen in real life and my daughter’s scarred and I’m scarred and the builder’s having great time off the back of it!”

Today’s show wasn’t live as it usually is as Carol was in Florida to watch NASA launch the Parker Solar Probe.

Yesterday, she explored the Kennedy Space Center, keeping her fans up to date on her trip via Instagram.

Today, she once again took to the social media site to share a behind-the-scenes shot with her 11,000 followers.

The blonde beauty could be seen showing off her famously peachy rear in a pair of skintight jeans which she paired with a white long-sleeved top.

Standing by the NASA sign, the space enthusiast beamed, captioning the upload: “Happy days… Kennedy Space Center… launch of Parker Solar Prove… amazing… extraordinary. #becurious.”

Her fans flocked to the comments section to compliment her, with one saying: “Hot sexy momma.”

“You look so beautiful Carol and you have a gorgeous figure,” another praised, while a third flirtatious follower said: “You can’t half villa  pair of jeans, Carol!”

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