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The Irish star of box-office hit Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again came under attack after announcing plans to exhibit his paintings next year in a Paris gallery.

Brosnan, 65, who trained as a commercial artist on leaving school, was inspired after selling a portrait of singer Bob Dylan for $1.4 million (£1 million) at a charity auction.

He was “gobsmacked” by the huge sum, paid by a Ukrainian billionaire, and thinks he can “whittle down” 153 works “to 20 or 30 pieces and make a buck”.

But Annie Wharton, of Annie Wharton Art Consulting in Los Angeles, suggested “more practise is in order” for Brosnan. 

“With celebrity artwork, many mistakenly conflate artistic genius with the genius’s hobby, such as with the brilliant music of David Bowie and his mediocre paintings,” he said.

Comedy actor Jim Carrey was panned by critics for his paintings and sculptures, which one said were “astonishingly bad”.

However, Rolling Stone Ronnie Wood and Bob Dylan have been lauded for their efforts. And expressionist works by Sylvester Stallone hang in museums in France and Russia.

A spokesman for Brosnan declined to comment.

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