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The Walking Dead season 9 spoilers: Is THIS how Rick Grimes will die? | TV & Radio | Showbiz & TV

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It was announced earlier on this month that The Walking Dead’s protagonist Rick (played by Andrew Lincoln) will be exiting the show.

This unofficial rumour was then followed up with a leak suggesting Rick will be killed in the upcoming season of the show.

But considering Rick has been through so much in his time on the show, how will he ultimately see his demise?

Rick has seen his fare share of antagonists throughout the eight seasons of the show, most recently with Negan (Jeffrey Dean-Morgan).

But while he lost a lot of his team to Negan’s ruthless methods, Rick overpowered Negan and safely captured him.

With Negan out of action, it is unlikely that he will be able to escape Alexandria’s clutches and kill the notorious leader.

And fans of the show agree, as revealed in a poll conducted by

Only 11 per cent of fans believe Negan will be able to kill the show’s hero - but will someone else get to him first?

Daryl Dixon (Norman Reedus) has been marked as the next leader of Alexandria following Rick’s death.

But will Daryl claim leadership of the group by killing off Rick?

Despite the pair’s disagreements, only five per cent of fans think Daryl will land the killing blow on Rick.

Viewers are more invested in the idea that Maggie Rhee (Lauren Cohan) will take out the sheriff, however.

22 per cent of watchers are convinced Maggie will rise up and kill Rick in the upcoming season - following their spat over keeping Negan alive.

With Maggie’s actress Lauren also bowing out of the show, her attack on Rick may leave the rest of her team to turn on her.

But the most likely scenario for Rick’s exit is death via walkers, say the fans.

Over 62 per cent of viewers think Rick will finally meet his end to the walking dead that he has dedicated his life to destroying.

While he has had many close calls in the eight years of the show, he has always come out on top.

His constant resilience may mean he sacrifices himself to save his group.

But what bleak scenario would arise to force Rick to end his life for the good of his peers?

With Carl (Chandler Riggs) already dead, Rick is now passionately defending his daughter Judith from the evil creatures.

Perhaps Rick will be placed in a situation whereby either Judith survives, or he survives - an easy decision for the noble father.

But how will his group remember him when he is finally gone?

The Walking Dead season 9 will air later this year on AMC and FOX UK.

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