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Krypton: Cameron Cuffe speaks out on Seg-El’s secret relationship with the House of Zod | TV & Radio | Showbiz & TV

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While comic book fans are overly familiar with Superman and the history of his parents, his grandparents are somewhat of a mystery.

E4’s upcoming show Krypton intends to break down the mystery surrounding the family of El, and detail the heroic roots of Superman.

However as fans of the franchise will know that the house of Zod remained the antagonists of both Superman and his father Jor-El, things weren’t always that way.

Krypton explores Seg-El’s (played by Cameron Cuffe) relationships with the neighbouring houses on the futuristic planet.

The most in-depth relationship, of which, is with that of the house of Zod.

As Seg-El roams the streets of his home city he gets into various kinds of trouble, forcing him to cross paths with Jayna-Zod (Ann Ogbomo).

Jayna leads the military force behind Krypton, and works hard to push back against any rebellions that may occur.

But as Seg-El constantly becomes involved in sticking up for the less fortunate, he comes face to face with Jayna.

To make this relationship even more complicated, Seg-El is romantically involved with Jayna’s daughter, Lyta-Zod (Georgina Campbell).

And as the series goes on, Seg-El’s relationship with Lyta is sure to become strained.

Speaking exclusively to, Jayna-Zod and Seg-El stars Ann and Cameron spoke about the continuing relationship between the houses of El and Zod, and how the secret coupling affects the show’s narrative.

“It’s definitely an essential part of the story, their relationship,” Ann explained about the youngster’s romance.

“And how the mother and daughter interact because of that, so yeah it’s a feature that remains for some time.”

Cameron chimed in: “I mean it has huge ramifications to that relationship.

“All of these characters are tremendously intelligent and I think it’s too big a secret for them not to know about it.”

Ann continued: “It’s interesting because the families have always been tied.

“And it’s interesting because in [Krypton] we see the tie between Lyta and Seg-El, and obviously later down the line we see how Superman and [General] Zod are linked as well.

“Although, it’s almost like they’re nemeses but at the same time they do have, somewhere, this respect [for each other] - and in some cases even love.”

But as fans know, the two families are destined to be pitted against each other - so will the couple quickly be split apart?

Krypton comes to E4 this summer.

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