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When you have a baby your whole being and whole life changes and his career obviously takes him out of the country for long periods, so it is hard

Kimberley Walsh

And as Day & Night exclusively reported, Liam's missing of key events, including Father's Day and their son Bear's first birthday, contributed to the relationship breakdown.

Now her former Girls Aloud bandmate Kimberley, tells this week's OK! magazine of Cheryl's struggle.

"She's doing great but I guess it's just hard, isn't it?

"When you have a baby your whole being and whole life changes and his career obviously takes him out of the country for long periods, so it is hard."

Mark Robert Milan/GC Images

Cheryl and Kimberley Walsh

Mum-of-two Kimberley says her schedule also means that she hasn't been able to see her friend as often as she'd like. She adds: "Cheryl and I try and get the kids together. I wish we could do it more but it's hard with our schedules."

As we also exclusively reported last week, former X Factor judge Cheryl is also behind many tracks from Liam's imminent solo album debut being scrapped or rewritten.

She made an uneasy truce with him to leave specifics of their personal lives and 15-month-old Bear off the album.

However, Cheryl is also said to be working on new material and has assured Liam that she too wouldn't go into private details of their relationship.


Madge's surprise show at Migos gig

Madonna stunned onlookers with a surprise appearance in London's Finsbury Park on Saturday.

Day & Night witnessed the star arrive in a blackedout Range Rover at the London venue for Wireless Festival.

Why this was a particularly surprising double-take moment is that the annual festival is hip-hop and rap focused, not pop.


Madonna watches Migos perform during Day 2 of Wireless Festival 2018 at Finsbury Park

However, we soon discovered that the Queen of Pop was not there as an unlikely performer but to watch US hip-hoppers Migos.

The 59-year-old, who was seen singing along word for word to their chart-topping tracks, wore an unusual pyjama-like ensemble with a fedora and array of gold accessories.

Madge, known for her love of her religious symbols, showed off a chain with a large cross.

Migos filmed their music video for Narcos at Madge's Miami mansion and many are speculating there may be an exciting future collaboration.


PA Wire/PA Images

Davina McCall at the launch of a new water based Sun protection from Garnier Ambre Solaire

Davina McCall would be up for a return to her name-making role as Big Brother host.

The presenter fronted the reality TV show for a decade before it was moved from Channel 4 to Channel 5 in 2011.

She now says if host emma Willis would go along with it she would happily work alongside her.

“I’d never say never but only if Emma is presenting and I was her sidekick because she’s brilliant,” says Davina, 50.

“She’s made it her own and I really like her.”

Davina, who quit the show in hopes of going on to bigger and better things, has not managed to match the success of her Big Brother stint.

Her subsequent shows, including The Million Pound Drop and Stepping Out, failed to capture the public’s imagination and were later axed.


GC Images

Lewis Hamilton came under fire for posting a video last year

Lewis Hamilton says he was depressed after mocking his nephew online.

The Formula One ace came under fire in December for making fun of the four-year-old for wearing a princess dress.

“I didn’t think I would make it through,” says the 33-year-old. “It was a very, very low moment.”

When Lewis posted the video last year he didn’t realise his un-PC action would upset people.


Lewis Hamilton at the British Grand Prix at Silverstone

“I was at home with my family and I was joking around with my nephew,” he explains to GQ magazine.

“I didn’t even realise what I’d done in the loving environment that I was in.

“And as soon as I realised I removed it. I love my nephew and I think it’s such a powerful thing that, at four years old, he is so free.

“When I was four years old in the 1980s it would not have been the same.”



TV drama regular Nicola Walker

TV drama regular Nicola Walker has appeared as part of the long arm of the law so often in her career that her comedienne pal Sue Perkins once rang her up to help solve a real crime.

“I’ve known Sue since we were very young and she has seen me play so many policewomen over the years,” says Nicola, 48, who in 2015 played a detective in BBC One series river while simultaneously playing another cop in ITV1’s Unforgotten.

“She phoned me when her car got graffitied in London. She asked me what to do. I had to say I’m not actually a policewoman.”

“I said: ‘Phone the police. What am I going to do?’ She was trying to get me to work it out as a whodunnit – like I have some kind of insider knowledge.”

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