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Coronation Street spoilers: Maria Connor star reveals on-set near accident | TV & Radio | Showbiz & TV

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In recent scenes of Coronation Street, Maria was left upset when her boss Audrey Roberts (Sue Nicholls) told her off for bringing the salon into the modern day by introducing new products and a tablet instead of the traditional appointment book.  

Following her warning, Maria asked Audrey if she could buy into the salon and become a business partner

But her request was shot down as Audrey said the only person she would go into partnership with would be David Platt, as he’s family. 

In a recent interview with Samia, she discussed playing the hairdresser and having to act out the hair styling scenes. 

She said: “I know bits [about hairdressing], but it’s very limiting. Around 18 years ago I should’ve done a hairdressing course. I usually go for the straighteners. For years I got away with just folding towels but we had to up our game a bit!"

However, it's not always been plain sailing as Samia admitted to an accident she had during one particular scene with co-star Barbara Knox (Rita Sullivan). 

“I’ve had so many near misses. It’s so hard to remember your lines, do what you’re doing and pretend to look good when you don’t know what you’re doing!” she began.

“Once, of all people it was Barbara Knox in the chair and I almost knocked her head off. Because we have the old fashioned hairdryers with the visor that comes down. 

“In the scene Rita’s under the visor and I just pulled it back without lifting it up and Barbara was there! I was like ‘I’m so sorry!” 

The actress also discussed a time when she had a hair disaster doing Tracy Barlow’s (Kate Ford) hair. 

“I nearly cut Kate Ford’s fringe off. I had the actual hairdressing scissors and they were up there and I don’t know what stopped me. I was shaking afterward.

“I was like ‘Kate I nearly gave you a tuft instead of a fringe!’ So yeah, we have lots of things like that happening.”

In upcoming scenes, Corrie fans will see Maria offer to cut Angie Appleton’s (Victoria Ekanoye) hair in her flat, because Angie doesn’t have an appointment in the salon. 

Although it will be a one off, Tracy finds out and blackmails Maria into doing her hair also in her flat.

How will Audrey react when she finds out and what will the consequences be for Maria? 

It comes after Maria feeling undervalued with her position at the salon. 

She has been working for Audrey for many years, and Samia explained: “She feels like she’s been doing all the work recently because Audrey’s been off doing her ladies’ lunches.

“And David’s been preoccupied as has Bethany, so it’s all down to Maria. She’s not getting too much credit for it.”

Coronation Street returns Monday at 7:30pm and 8:30pm on ITV. 

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