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ITV Good Morning Britain Piers Morgan debates Tess Holliday with Susanna Reid on GMB | TV & Radio | Showbiz & TV

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Piers Morgan has not been shy in speaking out about Tess Holliday following her recent Cosmopolitan cover. 

The 20 stone model has been paving the way for plus-size models in a notoriously pressurised industry. 

But Piers has had some issues with her work, claiming it is “unhealthy” for Tess to be acting as a role model.

Previously on Twitter, the outspoken Good Morning Britain host said to the model: “I’m not ‘obsessed’ with you, I’m worried for you.

“You’re 5ft 3in and 300lbs, which as any doctor will confirm, is morbidly obese. 

“To promote the as a positive body image to help your millions of followers is dangerous, deluded nonsense. You need help, not praise.”

Piers’ comments immediately started a national debate, as many criticised the presenter for his “fat-shaming”. 

And on Good Morning Britain today, the team addressed the issue once more, welcoming plus-sized women on the show to debate the issue. 

Piers claimed magazines are exploiting Tess for her weight, but guest Rebecca Reid hit back: “The only person who is ‘exploiting’ her, would be herself.

“She makes all the money, she makes the brand, it’s her everything.”

Rebecca went on to claim how Tess could probably make a lot more money by actually losing weight and promoting something like a fitness DVD, but she didn’t want to. 

Piers hit back, saying she does want to, but the girls snapped at him, wondering why he was so obsessed with her. 

“From the start of September,” Piers began, “I had never heard of her.”

He went on: “I get back off holiday, I see the cover of Cosmo, and I think, ‘What’s going on here?’”

The debate rumbled on, as the women and Piers failed to see eye-to-eye on Tess.

Towards the end of it, all voices began talking at once and it was down to Susanna Reid to call time on the chat. 

She could be heard shouting over everyone as she called for the news from Charlotte Hawkins. 

Piers jokingly yelled: “Someone get me a Big Mac!”

Last night, Good Morning Britain won Best Talk Show while Susanna Reid bagged Celebrity Personality of the Year and Best TV Presenter at last night’s National Reality TV Awards. 

Good Morning Britain airs weekdays on ITV from 6am. 

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